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“Before you were conceived I wanted you Before you were born I loved you Before you were here an hour I would give my life for you….
~ Maureen Hawkins”

Your Children are so precious. Remember them forever as they grow up and change…
remember the way they laugh and giggle and act silly… smile, run, play…

Welcome To El Paso Children’s Photography!

Hello, I’m April Melton. I am the Mom of 5 beautiful, almost grown kids and a photographer. My passion is photographing babies and children (After all, I’m really just a big kid at heart!)

April, Why Should I Choose A Professional Child Photographer?

Spending the money to have your baby or child professionally photographed is sometimes considered a questionable luxury. After all, digital technology allows us to buy great point-and-click cameras – perfect for those spontaneous shots we snap of our family and friends. Adding another family member presents a significant strain on your wallet, so why spend additional hard-earned cash on a photographer when you can take the pictures yourself? Simply put, photographers are paid for their professional expertise.

Contrary to popular belief, the actual pictures are just a fraction of this highly-involved process. What else is involved?

Plan Your Child’s Portrait History

Deciding on your goals for your child’s portrait history is an important first step. If your goal is small, you might be satisfied with some cute shots to display in desk frames. But if your goal is to create an heirloom-style showpiece for your living room wall, a professional child photographer is a must. Your photographer will use your chosen wall size, personal tastes and home interior design scheme to make informed recommendations on backgrounds, layout, locations, clothing and color.

Expertise is Key

Consider this example: A pair of scissors at your local drugstore is just a few dollars. You can choose to cut and style your hair yourself. However, almost everyone will agree that your hair will look much better if you hire a professional stylist. This example rings true with professional photography. Consider the amount of time and effort involved in a photo shoot. It is estimated that a photographer spends six to eight hours with a client before ever snapping a picture. Besides the initial consultation to determine your goals, a photographer spends many hours preparing a shoot location, editing and cropping your child’s photos and reviewing proofs. During the actual shoot, your photographer will know exactly how to pose your child to get the most adorable or touching shots. Plus, professional child photographers and their assistants are very experienced in ensuring your child stays comfortable and happy during the session.

Understanding the “Professional”

The old saying “you get what you pay for” is relentlessly repeated for a reason – it’s true. Professional baby photographers are just that – professionals. They often become close friends who play an integral role in documenting family history and they offer skills that non-professionals simply do not have. There is so much more to creating photographic art then pushing a camera button and sending a photo off to be printed. Professional quality takes time and expertise. The investment is worth it when you find the right photographic artist for your family’s goals. Plus, the end result is a cherished portrait that you and your family will value for many decades, and who can put a price on family heritage?

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Whatever your photography goals, I’d love to chat with you. From my Book A Session page, you can schedule a free pre-portrait consultation and we can just get to know each other before you decide.

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